Not every Low cost airlines is necessarily low frills in terms of service. For example, some try to differentiate themselves with allocated seating, while others operate more than one aircraft type, still others will have relatively high operating costs but lower fares. JetBlue for instance has in-flight entertainment (i.e. LiveTV) in every passenger seat. Other airlines are limited on what points they can implement based on local laws. Ryanair for instance cannot remove window blinds from its aircraft as they are required to be fitted by the Irish Aviation Authority. As supply increases, this sort of differentiation by brand is one of the most important criteria for the future success of low-cost-carriers, since price-competition alone is not believed by many experts to be enough given the number of carriers.

As the number of Low cost airlines has grown, these airlines have begun to compete with one another in addition to the traditional mainstream carriers. In the US, airlines have responded by introducing variations to the model. Frontier Airlines and JetBlue Airways advertise satellite television. Advertiser-supported Skybus Airlines launched from Columbus in 2007, but ceased operations in April, 2008. In Europe, the emphasis has remained on reducing costs and no-frills service. In 2004, Ryanair announced proposals to eliminate reclining seats, window blinds, seat headrest covers, and seat pockets from its aircraft.

Sri Lanka's budget carrier, Mihin Lanka and India's Air India Express offers a complimentary meal with beverages on most of its flights.

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